“Hijacking” Starring Ha Jung Woo and Yeo Jin Goo Holds Top Spot at Korean Box Office for 6 Consecutive Days

Hijacking‘ maintains its hold on the top spot at the Korean box office for the sixth straight day.

According to the integrated ticket sales network as of 7 AM on the 27th, ‘Highjacking’ remains the number one Korean movie in theaters.

With a solid 21.6% seat occupancy rate, ‘Highjacking’ leads over competitors like ‘Inside Out 2’ and ‘A Quiet Place: Part II’ in ticket sales.

The film has surged past 700,000 viewers within just six days since its release, continuing its successful streak.

The movie delves into the intense scenario of a hijacked South Korean airliner in 1971. Featuring Ha Jung Woo, Yoo Ah In, Seong Dong Il, and Choi Soo Bin, audiences have applauded the actors’ performances and the thrilling yet emotional storyline.

Hijacking‘ remains a must-watch as it continues to dominate the Korean box office for six consecutive days since its premiere, currently captivating audiences in theaters.

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