Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon’s Clever Social Strategy Revealed: “The reason I don’t take out my phone because…”

Hyoyeon has shared the reason why she avoids taking out her phone.

On the 26th, Hyoyeon uploaded a video titled “Hyoyeon’s Level Up: Hyoyeon’s Unique Hosting Finally Breaks Chu ㅋㅋㅋ” on her YouTube channel, ‘Hyo’s Level Up’. In this video, she welcomed singer Chu as a guest, and their chemistry brought delight to viewers.

At the start, Hyoyeon showered Chu with compliments, saying, “You’re so cute, and your smile is heartwarming,” and noticed, “Your makeup looks lighter and you’ve lost weight,” to which Chu happily responded, “Yes, I did lose some weight.” Hyoyeon also praised Chu’s increased femininity, making Chu blush.

During their conversation, Chu shared her approach to making friends, mentioning she’s reserved initially but warms up to kind people. Hyoyeon agreed, adding, “Being surrounded by kind people makes you kind too.”

Later in the video, Hyoyeon revealed her quirky social strategy: “If I don’t like someone when I first meet them, I don’t take out my phone.”

She joked about not even carrying her phone sometimes for fear she might ask for someone’s number. When Chu asked if she had her phone that day, Hyoyeon humorously replied, “It’s not mine.”

Fans enjoyed the natural and cheerful interaction between Hyoyeon and Chu in the video. Hyoyeon‘s candid hosting style and Chu’s adorable reactions created a fun atmosphere, showcasing their great chemistry for viewers’ enjoyment.



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