Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon on Constructive Criticism: “I Appreciate Constructive Criticism”

Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon has shown appreciation for constructive feedback over harsh criticism.

On June 26th, Hyoyeon uploaded a video titled “‘Chuu’ Finally Breaks Down Due to Hyoyeon’s Style LOL” on her YouTube channel ‘Hyo’s Level Up’, featuring guest Chuu.

During their conversation, Chuu discussed her approach to forming friendships, saying, “I tend to judge people based on my first impression. If I like someone, I’ll try to get closer, but I’m generally reserved. I only dine with people I genuinely like. When I meet kind-hearted individuals, I express my desire to connect and exchange contact information.”

Reflecting on this, Hyoyeon commented, “Kind people tend to attract other kind-hearted individuals around them.”

Chuu also shared her experience, mentioning, “Sometimes, I feel like I give a robotic reaction when I say everything is fine.” Hyoyeon reassured her that her praise is genuine, to which Chuu responded, “Most of the time, it is sincere.”

Discussing her own confidence, Hyoyeon stated, “I’m able to speak my mind freely.” She explained, “It’s not that I couldn’t say ‘NO’ before; I simply didn’t express my opinions openly. But nowadays, I’m doing much better.”

When Chuu asked about how others perceive her, Hyoyeon responded promptly, “I can answer quickly because I’m clear about what I like and dislike. Living this way feels more comfortable for me now. In the past, I used to hesitate, which sometimes led to insincerity. But I’ve overcome that.”

Chuu also expressed her own journey with assertiveness, saying, “I’m also practicing saying ‘NO,’ and it feels liberating.”

Hyoyeon revealed that she values constructive criticism, saying, “While receiving applause for something well-deserved is nice, objective feedback helps me grow more. I truly appreciate people who offer sincere critiques instead of just praise.”

She added, “I’m really thankful for those who write critical comments sincerely.” Chuu mentioned she typically reads positive comments, to which Hyoyeon responded, “That’s one way to go about it. But personally, comments with double S marks catch my attention first; it’s something I notice.”

Hyoyeon‘s openness to feedback highlights her commitment to personal growth and authenticity, resonating with her audience through her candid reflections.



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