ENHYPEN’s Jay Adjusts Schedule Due to Knee Pain

ENHYPEN‘s member Jay will be adjusting his schedule due to knee pain.

On the 27th, ENHYPEN‘s agency Belift Lab announced through ENHYPEN‘s official platform, “Following the first performance of ‘Enhypen World Tour ‘Fate Plus’ in Japan-Hiroshima’ on the 26th, Jay experienced knee pain and received diagnosis and treatment from local medical professionals.”

Belift Lab further explained that Jay has been advised by doctors to minimize vigorous movements like choreography and performances for the time being. Consequently, for the second ‘Fate Plus’ performance in Japan-Hiroshima today, Jay will participate seated without choreography.

The agency emphasized Jay‘s strong determination to perform but stated, “We will follow medical advice to minimize Jay‘s movements during today’s performance.” They also noted, “Only six members, excluding Jay, will participate in MBC’s ‘Show! Music Core in Japan’ at Budokan on the 29th and 30th.”

ENHYPEN is gearing up for their upcoming second full-length album ‘Romance: Untold,’ set to release on July 12th, heightening expectations for Jay‘s involvement in the comeback stage.



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