BTS Jimin Teases Synergy with Loco in Upcoming Album, Unveils Fairy Tale-Like Live Clip

BTS member Jimin has revealed exciting details about his second solo album, including a tracklist, concept photos, and a teaser video.

On the 27th, Jimin captured global fans’ attention with a teaser for the live clip of his pre-release track “Smeraldo Garden Marching Band (feat. Loco),” set to debut a day later. The collaboration with artist Loco has sparked enthusiastic responses, especially for its fairy tale-like setting and surreal ambiance.

The teaser video features Loco seated alone, gesturing towards Jimin and dancing lightly amidst a whimsical backdrop.

Jimin‘s performance delights viewers with its playful charm, promising an enjoyable experience for both Locco and the audience.

Big Hit Music previously described Jimin‘s upcoming album ‘MUSE’ as an exploration of “an expanded musical spectrum.”

Unlike his debut solo album ‘FACE,’ which showcased his solo vocal prowess, ‘MUSE’ presents a richer sound through collaborations with diverse musicians. Besides Loco, Jimin has also collaborated with singer-actress Sofia Carson, creating unique harmonies.

In ‘MUSE,’ Jimin explores the theme of ‘love,’ contributing lyrics to six out of seven tracks and overseeing the production of two tracks, highlighting his growth as a musician.

Fans are eagerly awaiting ‘MUSE’ not only for its musical content but also for its visual presentation. The first concept photos in the ‘BLOOMING’ version received immediate positive feedback worldwide upon release.

With his blonde hair transformation, Jimin embodies “the anticipation of love blooming” through deep gazes, delicate expressions, and thematic elements like flowers and guitars.

The live clip teaser released on the 27th further showcases Jimin‘s expressive talents, promising a cheerful serenade that contrasts with the grand emotions of his previous work in ‘FACE,’ setting a vibrant and enjoyable tone for the upcoming album.

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