aespa Sweeps ‘Supernova’ Charts with Triple Crown and Longest #1 of 2024

aespa‘s latest hit, ‘Supernova,’ has secured a triple crown on the circle charts.

The title track from aespa’s debut full-length album has maintained the #1 spot for five consecutive weeks on the global K-pop chart, digital chart, and streaming chart in the weekly circle chart announced today (June 27, covering June 16-22).

Additionally, ‘Supernova’ topped the Melon weekly chart (June 17-23) for the same five-week period, marking the longest-running #1 song released this year.

This achievement solidifies its position as a mega hit and underscores the song’s popularity and impact.

aespa has not only amassed 12 wins on music shows with ‘Supernova’ and its accompanying track ‘Armageddon’ but has also continued to dominate globally. The song topped the integrated K-pop chart of five music platforms under Tencent Music in China for six consecutive weeks.

In upcoming events, aespa is gearing up for their second solo concert, ‘2024 aespa LIVE TOUR – SYNK: PARALLEL LINE -,’ scheduled to take place at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium in Seoul on June 29-30.



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