Tiffany Young from ‘Uncle Samsik’ : “Criticism of Acting Hurts, but I’ll Quickly Absorb Skills”

Actress Tiffany Young from ‘Uncle Samsik‘ gracefully accepted critiques of her acting and expressed determination to improve.

On the afternoon of the 26th in Samcheong-dong, Seoul, Tiffany Young, known for her role as Rachel Jung in the Disney+ series ‘Uncle Samsik’, spoke with iMBC Entertainment about the finale.

Uncle Samsik‘ tells the story of Samchi, who strives to provide meals even during wartime, and Kim San (played by Byun Yo-han), a young man aiming to create a better society for all.

Reflecting on the finale, Tiffany Young shared, “The final episode is out. Every step was new and felt incredible. It’s been like living a dreamy period.” She added, “The experience was so amazing that I still can’t believe it.”

Looking ahead, she expressed, “I’m already thinking about how I can act better next time. I’m eager to work on another great script.” Grateful for her experience, she said, “Reflecting back, ”Uncle Samsik” was the best set, and it was an honor to work with wonderful senior actors.”

Debuting as an actress in 2022 with JTBC’s ‘Reborn Rich‘ after her time in Girls’ Generation, Tiffany Young has now showcased her talent in two home theater works. Despite gaining attention for her debut, criticisms followed.

Addressing this, Tiffany Young noted, “I’ve grown a lot through acting. It naturally comes with life experiences.” She emphasized, “Whether it’s music or acting, if you truly love it, don’t fear criticism; take action. I genuinely love acting.”

Reflecting on her collaboration with Byun Yo-han in ‘Uncle Samsik,‘ where they shared a romantic storyline, Tiffany Young remarked, “I’ve been a fan of Byun Yo-han for his career and filmography. Our chemistry was great from the start.” Expressing gratitude, she added, “I’m thankful to Byun Yo-han for portraying Kim San. His portrayal allowed Rachel Jung in ‘Uncle Samchi’ to shine.”

Discussing the kissing scenes, she shared, “I was very focused during those scenes. The chemistry between our characters was intense, and I felt very happy.” She explained, “Before filming, we discussed why Kim San and Rachel would be attracted to each other. That understanding translated into powerful moments on screen, making the scenes memorable.”

Tiffany Young also shared insights into her character, saying, “Rachel Jung was compared to a pufferfish, a creature that remains dangerous to others but safe for itself even under pressure.”

Regarding this unique comparison, she said, “I researched pufferfish extensively, even reading up on Wikipedia. I learned about their resilience and how they protect themselves.” Smiling, she added, “When I first heard ‘pufferfish-like woman,’ it was intriguing. I’ve often heard ‘bear-like woman,’ but this was a new analogy. While I don’t see myself as a pufferfish, I aspire to embody its strength in the future.”

Looking ahead, Tiffany Young expressed her desire to bring stability and positivity to her roles, saying, “I’ve been in broadcasting, on stage, and on screen for ten years since my Girls’ Generation days, even receiving counseling. As Tiffany Young, I want to be someone who brings stability to those around me. I believe that a healthy state of mind leads to healthy art.”

She concluded with determination, “I’ll give my all to everything I do in the future. Acting feels like a dream to me. I hope to present better works with meaningful messages and memorable characters. Please look forward to what’s next from me.”

The 16-episode series ‘Uncle Samsik‘ is now streaming on Disney+.

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