Park Bo Gum Fully Engages in Role as 45-Year-Old Dad on ‘My Name is Gabriel’

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding ‘My Name is Gabriel‘.

JTBC’s ‘My Name is Gabriel‘, produced by TEO, is a reality show where participants live for 72 hours as a specific person chosen from the world’s 8 billion. It’s not just entertainment—it’s an immersive experience into the real lives of ordinary people.

From its debut, ‘My Name is Gabriel‘ has stood out for its deep dive into experiential storytelling. Participants step into the shoes of someone with a real life—complete with a home address, family, friends, and a job—for three days.

For 45-year-old Luri, a choir director in Dublin, Park Bo Gum has taken on the challenge of living Luri’s life, following his daily routines meticulously.

From buying oranges to budgeting wisely and meeting Luri’s family and friends, Park Bo Gum has immersed himself deeply in Luri’s world, bringing warmth and emotional moments to the screen.

Meanwhile, Park Myung Soo explores life as a 35-year-old sales manager on the show, adding his own unique perspective to the immersive storytelling of ‘My Name is Gabriel‘.

This show isn’t just about entertainment—it’s about stepping into the shoes of others and experiencing life through their eyes.



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