Netizens Express Anger towards Tak Jae Hoon’s Critical Comments on Kara, “Didn’t their recent songs receive little response?”

The web entertainment show ‘No Bbakku Tak Jae Hoon’ has stirred up controversy once again with its harsh comments directed at the girl group KARA.

On June 21st, a video titled ‘Nicholas Cage Nicholas Cagey, Nicole Kidman Falling Behind Nicole’ was uploaded on the YouTube channel ‘No Bbakku Tak Jae Hoon,’ featuring KARA member Nicole as a guest.

During the episode, Tak Jae Hoon made critical remarks about KARA, stating, “Aren’t they all has-beens? Do they even know how many new idols are rising right now?” and added, “Gathering like middle-aged women.”

He went on to comment, “Hasn’t it been a long time for KARA? Didn’t their recent songs receive little response?” These comments visibly surprised Nicole.

However, Tak Jae Hoon‘s statements about KARA being ‘has-beens,’ ‘middle-aged women,’ and receiving ‘little response’ are factually incorrect.

KARA‘s special debut song ‘Move Again,’ released in November 2022 for their 15th anniversary, topped major domestic music charts and even won 1st place on KBS 2TV’s ‘Music Bank.’

KARA holds the record as the first 2nd-generation girl group to win 1st place trophies on music shows across the 2000s, 2010s, and 2020s, solidifying their status as ‘Hallyu Queens’ internationally. Their song ‘When I Move’ was also recognized by Billboard as ‘2022’s Best K-pop Song.’

In July, KARA will celebrate their 17th debut anniversary with a new song release, demonstrating their ongoing popularity and strength. Tak Jae Hoon‘s remarks sparked backlash from KARA fans, who criticized him for being disrespectful and insensitive to the group’s achievements.

‘No Bbakku Tak Jae Hoon’ issued an apology on the same day for derogatory comments made towards intern MC Signature, who was suggested to “debut as an adult video actress.”

Amidst the controversy, comments made by Lee Hyori during her appearance on ‘No Bbakku Tak Jae Hoon’ last November have resurfaced. Lee Hyori expressed discomfort with the show’s treatment of guests, particularly those who struggle with speaking or are given menial tasks.

‘No Bbakku Tak Jae Hoon,’ which premiered in 2022, is known for its bold guests and straightforward discussions, often attracting attention with its provocative content.



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