Lee Jung Jae Reveals the Changes He Noticed after becoming a Hollywood Star, “I’m recognized in New York with a Mask On”

Actor Lee Jung Jae has shared some exciting updates about his life.

On the 25th, a video titled “Has Kim Gotten More Handsome and Funny? EP.46 Lee Jung Jae” was posted on the YouTube channel ‘TEO(테오)-Salon Drip 2.’

In the video, Lee Jung Jae talked about his recent activities, saying, “Honestly, I’m surprised too. At my age, work usually decreases and life becomes less busy, but I’m so busy now that I wonder if it’s okay to be this busy.”

Lee Jung Jae, who recently starred in the Disney+ series “Star Wars: The Acolyte,” shared a surprising story.

He said, “I didn’t expect to appear so much. I’m not fluent in English and I’m not comfortable acting in English, so I thought my role would be small. I didn’t even know I would be playing a Jedi Master until I got the offer.”

After gaining international fame through the Netflix series “Squid Game,Lee Jung Jae mentioned, “I went to New York to promote ‘The Acolyte.’ Even though I was wearing a mask and glasses, people recognized me. They recognized me while I was waiting for the traffic light at a crosswalk.”

He also talked about his life before becoming an actor. When Jang Do-yeon asked about his roles in “Il Mare” and “The Young Man,” she mentioned, “I heard you originally studied architecture, which makes those two works particularly special to you.” Lee Jung Jae revealed, “I was preparing to get a job at an interior design company.”

Jang Do-yeon remarked, “You played an architect in ‘Il Mare,’ so it seems like you met a character similar to yourself. ‘The Young Man’ is also about a man who wants to succeed as a star.” She expressed her surprise.

Lee Jung Jae responded, “I think every work has a fateful element. My appearance in ‘The Acolyte’ is also fateful. In the past, if an Asian actor appeared as a Jedi, it might have been too soon for the audience to accept. Now, Korean culture is so popular in the Western world.”

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