Kim Woo Bin Touched by Coffee Truck Surprise from “Officer Black Belt” Co-Stars, Joined by Heo Hyung Gyu

Kim Woo Bin, star of the Netflix series “Officer Black Belt,” received a heartwarming gesture from his fellow cast members in the form of a coffee truck.

On June 26th, Kim Woo Bin shared a photo on his social media, showcasing the specially decorated coffee truck gifted by his co-stars from “Officer Black Belt.”

The truck featured a message that read, “Delivery’s here! Accept it, Genie! Black Knights, will it all come true? Will the ratings explode?”

Accompanying the image, Kim Woo Bin expressed his gratitude with the caption “BLACK KNIGHT,” highlighting the unity among the cast of “Officer Black Belt.”

The series unfolds in a future Korean Peninsula plagued by severe air pollution, where survival depends on oxygen respirators. It follows the adventures of ‘5-8’, a legendary delivery knight, and ‘April’, a refugee, as they confront the powerful destiny group ruling the new world.

Alongside Kim Woo Bin, the show features actors like Lee Yi Dam, Bae Yoo Ram, Lee Soon Won, Heo Hyung Gyu, Yoo In Hyuk, Jang Mi Kwan, and Cho Ji Ahn, portraying various roles as delivery knights.



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