H1-KEY Gains Momentum with ‘Let It Burn’ from 3rd Mini Album ‘LOVE or HATE’

The group H1-KEY is setting the stage on fire with their latest release.

H1-KEY (Seo-i, Lee-i-na, Hwi-seo, Yell) dropped their 3rd mini album ‘LOVE or HATE’ on the 19th, showcasing growth and versatility in their music.

Upon release, ‘LOVE or HATE’ quickly climbed the charts both locally and internationally. The album topped iTunes and Apple Music charts in 8 regions, while the title track ‘Let It Burn’ surged to 15th place on Melon’s ‘HOT 100’ shortly after its debut.

‘Let It Burn,’ a blend of alternative rock and groovy hip-hop produced by Hong Ji-sang, has defined H1-KEY‘s distinctive sound. Its gritty vibes and powerful lyrics have captivated K-pop fans, making it a standout hit.

H1-KEY‘s impact isn’t limited to Korea; they’ve caught the eye of global media like UK’s NME, who featured them as digital cover stars. Known for spotlighting global music icons, NME praised H1-KEY for their authenticity and musical prowess.

Beyond their musical achievements, H1-KEY has become a force on stage, appearing in numerous music programs and university festivals. Known for their dynamic performances, they’ve solidified their reputation as a leading 4th generation girl group. Their latest track ‘Let It Burn’ has only strengthened their presence, drawing acclaim for their live performances.

With recent appearances on KBS 2TV’s ‘The Season’s – Zico‘s Artist,’ where they impressed with their electrifying stage presence, H1-KEY shows no signs of slowing down. They plan to continue showcasing their talents and expanding their influence with ‘Let It Burn.’

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