YG Entertainment to Meet with 2NE1, A Possible Reunion in Sight?

Interest is surging over the potential reunion of the iconic group 2NE1 as they approach their 15th debut anniversary.

On the 25th, YG Entertainment confirmed to TenAsia, saying, “It is true that 2NE1 and Producer Yang Hyun-suk have agreed to meet.” They added cautiously, “We cannot confirm anything else at this moment.”

Reports of the upcoming meeting between 2NE1 and Producer Yang have been circulating since last month.

The group even shared a recent group photo, stirring anticipation among fans for a possible reunion.

Debuting in 2009 with ‘Fire,’ 2NE1 rose to fame with hits like ‘I Don’t Care,’ ‘Lonely,’ ‘I Am the Best,’ and ‘Missing You,’ captivating fans worldwide.

Their contract with YG Entertainment ended in 2016, after which they halted group activities.

In a significant comeback, 2NE1 made headlines by performing together at the 2022 Coachella Music Festival in California, marking their first complete stage in six years.

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