Stray Kids Tease Individual Concepts for Upcoming Album ‘ATE’ with Powerful Visuals

Stray Kids is cranking up the excitement for their comeback by dropping individual teaser content for their upcoming album, ‘ATE,’ featuring the title track ‘Chk Chk Boom.’ The release is scheduled for July 19th at 1 PM.

On the 24th, JYP Entertainment treated fans to teaser images and videos of Lee Know, Hyunjin, and Felix via their official social media channels. These visuals are nothing short of captivating.

Stray Kids, known for their unique concepts with each comeback, once again prove their creative prowess. In the teaser videos, Lee Know basks in sunlight, lost in thought. Hyunjin, with intense eyes, paints an artistic atmosphere.

And Felix confidently struts down the street, exuding charisma and wild energy. Each member’s distinct visuals have STAY (the fanbase) buzzing with excitement.

The ‘ATE’ album boasts a total of 8 tracks, including the title track ‘Chk Chk Boom,’ ‘Mountains,’ ‘Jjam,’ ‘I Like It,’ ‘Runners,’ ‘Again Tonight,’ ‘Stray Kids,’ and ‘Chk Chk Boom (Festival Ver.).’ The tracklist images creatively feature items like chocolate, candy, and boxes, promising a musical feast guided by Stray Kids’ unique taste.

Stray Kids has firmly established themselves as a global powerhouse. Their self-produced music journey began with ‘ODDINARY’ in March 2022, followed by ‘MAXIDENT’ in October, ‘5-STAR’ in June 2023, and ‘ROCKSTAR’ in November—each album hitting No. 1 on the U.S. Billboard 200. As the first fourth-generation K-pop boy group, their title track ‘ROCK (樂)’ even debuted at No. 90 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Their recent digital single, ‘Lose My Breath (Feat. Charlie Puth),’ further solidified their chart presence.

With dazzling performances, striking visuals, and an energetic sound, Stray Kids continue to be a favorite among music connoisseurs.

Catch them headlining major global music festivals, including ‘I-Days’ in Milan, Italy (July 12th), ‘BST Hyde Park’ in London (July 14th), and ‘Lollapalooza Chicago’ in the U.S. (August 2nd).

Mark your calendars: Stray Kids’ mini album ‘ATE’ and the title track ‘Chk Chk Boom’ drop on July 19th at 1 PM (midnight Eastern Time). Brace yourselves for an explosion of energy!

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