RIIZE Wraps Up Successful Pop-Up Store for ‘RIIZING’ Album Release

RIIZE has concluded a highly successful pop-up store event celebrating the launch of their first mini album, ‘RIIZING’.

Spanning about 330 square meters, the pop-up store was located at Starfield Suwon’s Tower Atrium and Grand Atrium from the 14th to the 23rd of this month.

It drew an impressive average of over 2,000 visitors daily, with fans lining up as early as 10 a.m. to experience RIIZE‘s immersive pop-up experience.

The store featured various zones, including a listening area where visitors could enjoy tracks from the album, including the title track ‘Boom Boom Bass’, and hear member narrations before the official release. A special LP album event on the 5th floor allowed fans to enjoy the album through turntables, creating a lot of excitement.

RIIZE members personally visited the pop-up store on opening day to interact with fans, leaving behind signatures, heartfelt messages, and drawings.

A fan sign event held on the 19th also attracted a large crowd, with attendees filling up to the 5th floor of the mall.

According to Hanteo Chart data on the 24th, ‘RIIZING’, released on the 17th, achieved remarkable initial sales of 1,255,015 copies.

This marks RIIZE‘s second consecutive million-seller title, following their single album ‘Get A Guitar’ released in September 2023.

The success of RIIZE‘s pop-up store not only underscores their popularity but also their strong connection with fans, setting a new milestone in their career.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from RIIZE!

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