Kim Jaejoong Returns to Drama After 7 Years with “Bad Memory Eraser”

Kim Jaejoong is back in the drama scene with “Bad Memory Eraser,” which will premiere on August 2 at 9:40 PM. This new MBN Friday-Saturday miniseries is a romantic thriller about a man whose life changes thanks to an eraser that removes bad memories and a woman who becomes his first love.

The show is produced by Chorokbaem Media and Kim Jong-hak Production.

The cast includes Kim Jaejoong, Jin Se Yeon, Lee Jong Won, and Yang Hye Ji. In the drama, Kim Jaejoong plays Lee Goon, a former tennis star who lost his confidence after an injury. With the help of the memory eraser, he gets a new start with renewed self-esteem and confidence.

Kim Jaejoong, known for his roles in “Spy,” “Triangle,” and “Dr. Jin,” is making his TV comeback after seven years. He’s also been active in other entertainment fields, appearing in KBS2’s “New Release Pyeonstorang” and YouTube’s “JaeFriends.” He’s set to release his fourth full album “FLOWER GARDEN” on June 26 to celebrate his 20th debut anniversary.

Jin Se Yeon stars as Kyung Ju-yeon, a psychiatrist at a brain research center and Lee Goon’s fake first love. She’s known for her roles in “Doctor Stranger,” “The Flower in Prison,” and “Grand Prince.”

Lee Jong Won plays Lee Shin, the world’s top tennis player and Lee Goon’s successful younger brother. Lee Jong Won has been seen in “Blooming at Night,” “The Golden Spoon,” and “Hospital Playlist Season 2.”

Yang Hye Ji is Jeon Sae-yan, the interpreter for Lee Shin and a charming character. She has appeared in “Wonderful World” and “Revenant,” and won Best New Actress at the 2023 SBS Drama Awards for “Revenant.”

Bad Memory Eraser” will air on August 2, 2024, at 9:40 PM and will be available on Rakuten Viki in Japan, North America, Europe, Oceania, the Middle East, and India.

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