Jin Ki Joo Shares Struggles with Health During ‘Uncle Samsik’ Filming, “Survived on 30-Day Supply of Medicine”

Actress Jin Ki Joo opened up about her challenging experience while filming ‘Uncle Samsik,’ revealing that she relied on a 30-day supply of medicine to cope.

On the morning of the 25th, Jin Ki Joo sat down for an interview at a cafe in Samcheong-dong, Seoul, to talk about the end of the Disney+ series ‘Uncle Samsik.’ She shared her thoughts and experiences with the local press.

Uncle Samsik‘ is a drama about Uncle Samsik (Song Kang Ho), who manages to secure three meals a day even during wartime, and Kim San (Byun Yo Han), an elite young man who dreams of a country where everyone can eat well and live well despite the chaos. The series, Song Kang Ho‘s first drama, premiered last month and ran for 16 episodes.

In the series, Jin Ki Joo played Joo Yeo-jin, Kim San’s lover. Joo Yeo-jin, the daughter of an opposition politician, is a character with a strong personality and cold rationality. Jin Ki Joo‘s performance received high praise from viewers worldwide.

Despite the acclaim, Jin Ki Joo faced significant stress during production. She revealed, “It’s my sad routine, but before filming, I tour hospitals to get medication for when symptoms appear. I get a 30-day supply of medicine from an internal medicine clinic. I often have stomach issues. This happens with every project. I eat well, but my stomach constantly hurts and twists. If I don’t eat, it gets twice or three times worse, so I try to eat even if it’s difficult.”

Jin Ki Joo also shared that during her college entrance exams, she frequently visited internal medicine clinics and took medication.

She mentioned, “I think it’s a bad habit. It affects my health. Stress from worries manifests as physical symptoms. I hope this changes with time.”

Despite these challenges, Jin Ki Joo emphasized the significance of ‘Uncle Samsik’ in her acting career.

She said, “It’s a very meaningful moment in my acting life. It makes me very happy. Although I take medicine, I’m healthy. I’ve learned a lot and feel very proud. I loved being on such a professional set. Watching my colleagues and seniors was very inspiring. This project is extremely precious and valuable to me.”

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