“Is she complaining?” Red Velvet’s Joy Sparks Debate with Alleged Cryptic Post about SM Entertainment

Red Velvet‘s Joy has stirred up a debate among netizens with a cryptic post on a fan platform.

On the 24th, responding to a fan’s request to do a music video reaction, Joy seemed to criticize SM Entertainment by saying, “Well, they didn’t listen to our opinions at all and just told us to wait, but nothing was revised.”

This comment came on the same day Red Velvet‘s new EP ‘Cosmic’ was released. The music video, which was supposed to drop at the same time as the album at 6 PM, was delayed due to post-production issues.

The team behind the ‘Cosmic’ music video, Red Production, apologized to fans, saying, “We sincerely apologize and ask for your generous understanding.”

However, after the music video was finally released, Joy expressed her dissatisfaction on the fan platform, sparking mixed reactions from netizens.

Some fans sided with her, saying, “It’s a 10th-anniversary album, so it’s understandable to be disappointed,” and “It shows how much Joy cares about the album.” Others, however, were critical, saying, “If I were a company employee, this would demoralize me,” “She lacks consideration for the company,” and “You can’t accommodate everyone’s personal opinions.”

‘Cosmic’ is Red Velvet‘s first release in seven months since their third full-length album ‘Chill Kill’ in November.

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