SHINee’s Onew sheds tears singing ‘December 32nd’, “I recovered a lot listening to this song”

SHINee‘s Onew shed tears while singing ‘December 32nd‘.

On the June 23rd broadcast of MBC‘s ‘Song Stealer‘, Onew successfully stole the song ‘December 32nd‘ by Byul.

Regarding the reason he cried while singing, Onew explained, “I interpreted it in my own way. It made me think of the days I spent alone after December 31st or the friends who gradually drifted away. I think that’s why I couldn’t help it.”

He added while wiping his tears, “I believe I recovered a lot while listening to this song. I don’t know how people might perceive this broadcast, but I hope those who are having a hard time or felt down today could find some comfort”.

After successfully stealing the song, he added, “My interpretation is this: no matter when and how hard it is, someone is always by your side. They are waiting, so I hope you don’t lose hope. “

He concluded, “I was very happy to convey my feelings through the song ‘December 32nd’, even if just for a moment, and I think I will remember this moment for a long time.”



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