RIIZE Anton’s mom and son duo charm netizens with synchronized smiles

A heartwarming post featuring RIIZE member Anton and his mom has sparked admiration among netizens for their synchronized smiles.

Shared on Nate‘s enter-talk, the post highlighted their striking resemblance and radiant smiles. Netizens couldn’t help but express their awe, with one commenter noting, “Their smiles are so pretty.

The comments section buzzed with positivity, albeit with a touch of humor directed at critics. “I find trolls who hate on Anton’s looks the funniestㅋㅋㅋㅋ can’t you tell when you look at his mom? Seriously, you f*cking trollsㅋㅋ,” quipped one user.

Others praised Anton‘s mother for her beauty and presence. “Wow his mother’s aura is crazy” and “Huh?!? Yoon Sang’s wife? She’s freaking beautiful, crazy,” were among the compliments showered on her.

The discussion naturally turned to the family resemblance. “Seriously, he really has half of his mother and father’s looks,” remarked a commenter, while another chimed in, “They look exactly the same.. that’s so cute.”

Further comparisons were drawn, with netizens noting similarities to famous celebrities. “She looks like Suzy + Han Hyo Joo… freaking pretty,” observed one user, highlighting the mother’s striking features.

Despite the praise for their looks, some users humorously pointed out the lack of attention to Anton‘s talents.

“Notice how there’s never any posts about his talent,” remarked one commenter, light-heartedly teasing the focus on appearances over other aspects.



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