‘Queen of Tears’ star Kim Ji Won ends first fan meeting in 14 years with a dance to 2PM’s ‘My House’

Queen of Tears‘ star Kim Ji Won successfully held her first fan meeting since debuting.

On June 22nd and 23rd, Kim Ji Won hosted her first solo fan meeting, ‘BE MY ONE‘, over two days, meeting her fans for the first time in 14 years.

Kim Ji Won kicked off the event with a sensational performance, eliciting cheers from the audience. She danced to 2PM‘s ‘My House‘, fitting the fan meeting’s concept of ‘inviting fans to her home‘.

Kim Ji Won expressed her joy and happiness at meeting her fans, saying, “I rarely get the chance to meet my fans in person, so I’m very happy and excited to meet you through this fan meeting.” She shared various episodes and her playlists from the time of filming each of her projects.

Special guests Younha and Choi Yoori attended the fan meeting, adding to the event’s excitement. Younha heated up the venue with performances of ‘Waiting‘ and ‘Event Horizon‘, while Choi Yoori added warmth by singing ‘Promise‘ from the ‘Queen of Tears‘ OST and ‘Forest‘.

Younha and Kim Ji Won showcased their close friendship with a fun ‘Best Friends O,X Quiz‘, providing unique entertainment.

The ‘Self-Written Profile‘ and ‘Q&A‘ segments gave fans a glimpse into Kim Ji Won‘s daily life. She shared words that describe herself, her ways to relieve stress, and travel destinations she wants to visit, allowing for closer communication with her fans. She also played the ukulele, one of her hobbies, giving fans a special treat.

Kim Ji Won said, “I was very nervous while preparing, but it turned out to be more enjoyable, happy, and touching than I expected. Thank you for taking the time to come, and I’ll continue to work hard to show you my best as an actress.”

Starting on July 7th in Osaka, Kim Ji Won will embark on her first Asia fan meeting tour, visiting Tokyo, Taipei, Manila, Macau, Bangkok, and Jakarta.



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