Kim Jong Kook reacts to AI-edited photo of him with plastic surgery, “It’s weird. Do I look like an alien?”

Singer Kim Jong Kook had a shocking moment with an AI-edited photo showing him with plastic surgery.

On the June 23rd episode of SBS‘s ‘My Little Old Boy,’ Kim Jong Kook, Lee Sang Min, and Lee Dong Gun went to a plastic surgery clinic run by Kim Jong Kook‘s older brother.

At the clinic, his brother showed a photo of Kim Jong Kook altered with virtual plastic surgery, saying, “I tried making him look like an idol.”

Kim Jong Kook, who was confident with his looks, was stunned by the image. “It’s hideous! It looks weird. Ugh, it’s so strange. Do I look like an alien? My eyes look extremely big,” he exclaimed.

He also shared, “I told my brother I was stressed because I kept getting double eyelids out of nowhere, and they wouldn’t go away. But after a while, they disappeared. When I open my eyes, I can feel one side of my eyelid folding.”

His brother’s reply, “It will happen again,” left Kim Jong Kook feeling dismayed.



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