Kim Hye Yoon and Song Geon Hee reunite for vacation after ‘SKY Castle’ with ‘Lovely Runner’

‘Lovely Runner’ stars Kim Hye Yoon and Song Geon Hee are back together for a reward vacation after five years!

On June 23rd, Kim Hye Yoon shared two photos on her Instagram with the captions “2019” and “2024“.

The photos show Kim Hye Yoon and Song Geon Hee enjoying their reward vacation from ‘SKY Castle‘ in 2019 and their new vacation from ‘Lovely Runner‘.

Fans noticed how both the composition and their youthful looks have stayed the same.

On June 16th, the cast and crew of ‘Lovely Runner‘ flew to Phuket, Thailand for their reward vacation.

Although Byeon Woo Seok, who plays Sun Jae, couldn’t join due to his Asia tour, it’s reported that Kim Hye Yoon, Heo Hyeong Gyu, Song Ji Ho, and Song Geon Hee had a great time together.



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