Choi Ji Woo reveals she hasn’t been to Nami Island for 22 years since ‘Winter Sonata’

Actress Choi Ji Woo shared that she hasn’t visited Nami Island since starring in ‘Winter Sonata‘.

On the June 23rd episode of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Super Junior Returns‘, titled ‘Love Falls Again Today‘, viewers got a peek into the daily life of Jason and his son Jun Beom.

During the episode, Jason planned a special family trip to Nami Island to celebrate his mother’s birthday.

Nami Island is where the famous drama ‘Winter Sonata‘ (2002) was filmed, a show that brought Choi Ji Woo international fame and earned her the nickname ‘Ji Woo Hime‘.

Winter Sonata‘ was a major hit with a peak viewership rating of 28.8%, playing a significant role in the Korean Wave.

When scenes from the drama, like the spot where she built a snowman, were shown, Choi Ji Woo remarked, “It’s still the same.”

She added, “I haven’t been to Nami Island since 2002. I really want to visit with my daughter.” Jason noted the lasting impact of ‘Winter Sonata‘, saying, “Tourists still come and take lots of photos.”



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