BTS’ Jimin Receives Times Square Ad Placement After Winning May’s Best Pick

BTS member Jimin has clinched the top spot in the ‘May Best Pick‘ vote.

In the global fandom platform ‘UPICK‘s ‘Best Pick‘ vote held in May, Jimin of BTS emerged victorious, showcasing his enduring popularity.

Jimin secured the top position in the ‘May Best Pick‘ vote with an impressive 134,234,633 votes. As a reward for his achievement, a large-scale advertisement featuring Jimin was displayed in New York’s Times Square.

The fan-made advertisement appeared on a prominent billboard at 1530 Broadway, Times Square, starting from June 23 local time in the United States, celebrating Jimin‘s first place in the vote.

Since beginning his military service last December, BTS’s Jimin has diligently fulfilled his duties, receiving unwavering support from fans throughout this period. Fans eagerly anticipate BTS‘s full group activities once all members complete their military service.

Additionally, UPICK not only hosts monthly votes on various topics but has also been chosen as the official voting app for the ‘2024 K World Dream Awards,’ scheduled for August 22 at Seoul’s Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium.

More details about the popularity vote and ticket events for the ‘2024 K World Dream Awards,’ opening in early July, will be announced through the UPICK app and official social media channels soon.



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