Actor Sung Dong Il surprised by Yeo Jin Goo’s drinking capacity, “He drinks out of nowhere”

Actor Sung Dong Il recently shared his surprise at Yeo Jin Goo‘s impressive drinking capacity.

On June 24, an episode of the YouTube channel ‘Jjanjjan Hyung‘ featuring Ha Jung Woo, Sung Dong Il, and Chae Soo Bin was released.

Sung Dong Il talked about Yeo Jin Goo, the youngest member of the ‘Hijacking‘ film team, saying, “The kid has changed. It feels like just yesterday he played my son.”

Ha Jung Woo added, “Jin Goo drinks five bottles of soju,” to which Sung Dong Il responded, “He drinks the most among us. “

He added, “He drinks out of nowhere and keeps going until the end. On the way back, he even buys more alcohol from a convenience store”.

Ha Jung Woo further explained, “We shot on a set, so after filming, we drank a lot at the set’s restaurant. In the morning and afternoon, we had meals from a food truck, and at night, the place turned into an indoor pub.”



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