TWICE’s Nayeon reveals childhood dream of becoming a fashion journalist, “I never thought of becoming a singer”

TWICE‘s Nayeon recently opened up about her childhood dreams of becoming a writer or a fashion journalist.

She shared this special story during her appearance on the web variety show ‘Let’s Eat,’ produced by the Kkondaehee channel, on June 22nd.

Nayeon, who has just released her solo album ‘NA,’ joined the show to promote her new music. She said, “I came out today to promote my album.”

Now in her 10th year with TWICE, Nayeon talked about her early ambitions. “My childhood dream wasn’t to be a singer,” she revealed. “I wanted to be a writer or a fashion journalist. I never actually thought about becoming a singer.”

She explained how her dream evolved over time, saying, “Doesn’t everyone dance alone in front of a mirror when they’re young? I was one of those cases where the dream grew from that. So, I mustered the courage to go for an audition,” adding, “I found it difficult to be in the spotlight, so I didn’t even participate in talent shows during my school days.”

During the show, Nayeon also expressed her interest in YouTube. She asked Kim Daehee, the host, “I’m interested in YouTube. It’s fun. Why did you start?” Kim Daehee, surprised, replied, “Is this Nayeon’s ‘Let’s Eat’? Am I the guest today?”

Kim Daehee mentioned his channel’s subscriber count, saying, “I probably have more subscribers than you. We have around 1.59 million.” However, TWICE‘s official YouTube channel boasts 17.3 million subscribers, making Kim Daehee laugh and adjust his approach.

Despite her childhood dreams of writing and fashion, Nayeon has become a top singer with TWICE, showing that dreams can take unexpected but wonderful turns.



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