‘Queen of Tears’ star Kim Ji Won’s outfit at fan meeting sparks rumors about relationship with Kim Soo Hyun?

Actress Kim Ji Won has been gaining attention for her recent fan meeting outfit, leading netizens to speculate about her relationship with Kim Soo Hyun, her co-star from “Queen of Tears.”

Since the success of their drama, Kim Ji Won has seen a surge in popularity, drawing a large fan following. Her recent fan meeting especially caught the eye of the online community.

In addition to her stunning visuals, Kim Ji Won stirred up buzz by sporting a jacket that resembles one previously worn by Kim Soo Hyun. This has fueled rumors that the two stars might be romantically involved.

Kim Ji Won looked particularly striking in a denim collared shirt paired with a patterned skirt, radiating a youthful and fashionable aura. Her braided hair and light makeup enhanced her sweet and feminine charm.

The jacket she wore bears a striking similarity in style and color to one from the brand Khakis, which Kim Soo Hyun had worn before.

This coincidence has led many to speculate that they could be subtly hinting at their relationship through matching outfits.

Fans previously noted an intriguing detail about Kim Soo Hyun’s attire choices. Normally, he wears hats due to his naturally curly hair, but he notably straightened his hair for the “Queen of Tears” script reading with Kim Ji Won. This playful change sparked jokes about him getting a “makeover” for the occasion.

Following the success of “Queen of Tears,” Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Ji Won have become one of the most talked-about couples in the industry.

Here are some comments from netizens:

“Wow, are they really wearing couple outfits?”

“Kim Ji Won looks stunning, but that jacket seriously looks like Kim Soo Hyun’s, I’m shook.”

“If they’re dating, that would be amazing. I’m all in for them.”

“It’s definitely a couple look, they’re too similar.”

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