Netizens love INFINITE’s L’s new look with high heels

INFINITE‘s L (Kim Myung Soo) has wowed netizens with his recent photos wearing high heels.

On June 22, a post about Kim Myung Soo started trending on Instiz‘s community board under the title, “Wow INFINITE’s L Wore High Heels and Jeans, Too Pretty.”

The singer and actor is seen in a leather jacket, jeans, and high-heeled booties.

The netizen wrote, “He said he was gonna try various things and he’s really doing it. Daebak!”

Fans have been leaving positive comments, saying:

“You can’t spell visual without L.”

“Please be a trend among idols.”

“Still the best K-pop visual member to me 😃.”

“Feels like I’m seeing more male idols in heels nowadays and I’m here for it.”

“He still looks the same 😭 face card that will never die.”

“I love seeing him go viral on Twitter every few weeks whenever random people discover his beauty.”

“Old K-pop stans know how CRAZYYY Korea was for L. like he is the epitome of what a visual is.”

“Forever handsome.”

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