IVE’s Jang Won Young had lovely moments on the streets of London in new photos uploaded to her Instagram

IVE’s Jang Won Young showed off her natural beauty during her time in London.

On June 21, Jang Won Young shared some lovely snaps on her official social media with the caption, “Lovely moments in London.”

In the pictures, Jang Won Young is seen enjoying the sights of London. Even with a casual outfit, her stunning visuals stood out, leaving fans in awe.

Fans flooded the comments with their admiration:

“I was wondering who this pretty person in my feed was, and it turned out to be Jang Won Young.”

“Won Young looks so radiant, she’s totally a Lucky Vicky.”

“She’s setting new records for her looks every day.”

“I always love JWY’s choice of cardigans. She has some of the cutest collection~”

“They said they weren’t able to explore London much during the concert, I’m happy they still managed some sightseeing.”

“I don’t know if she needs a break because she always seems so uplifted but she definitely deserves one omg she works her ass OFF.”

“A bun, casual clothing and minimal makeup are one of my favourite looks of hers.”

“I’d never dare to get that close to a swan, Won Young is brave as hell.”

“She makes me want ice cream.”

Jang Won Young has recently been trending due to the ‘Won Young-esque mindset,’ which is all about having a positive attitude towards reality.

The nickname ‘Lucky Vicky,’ combining ‘lucky’ and Jang Won Young‘s English name ‘Vicky,’ is also a hit among the MZ generation.

Meanwhile, IVE, Jang Won Young‘s group, made a comeback on April 29 with their second mini-album ‘IVE SWITCH.’ The title track ‘HEYA‘ has been topping music charts both in Korea and internationally.



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