Zico Don’t Want his Idol Billie Eilish to Become Famous: “I hoped she wouldn’t become famous, I’m sad”, Here’s Why

Zico opened up about his admiration for pop star Billie Eilish.

On June 21st, Billie Eilish appeared on KBS 2TV’s ‘The Seasons – Zico’s Artist’.

During their interview, conducted without an audience, Zico recalled encountering Billie Eilish through her EP album released in 2017, which he also owns on LP.

He expressed, “At that time, I wished Billie Eilish wouldn’t become famous. Isn’t there a bit of sadness when an artist you like becomes famous?”

Billie Eilish understood his sentiment, replying, “That’s right. I want to keep it to myself.” Zico added, “It’s really heartbreaking.”

When asked about her favorite among her albums, Billie Eilish replied, “I like all the album covers. They’re pretty. ‘Hit Me Hard And Soft’ is the best, though it’s expected because it’s my latest album. It’s an album I’m really proud of in every aspect. It’s the most complete among the songs I’ve made so far, with the best visual aesthetics. But if I didn’t have the past albums I’ve looked at, I wouldn’t have this album either. I love all my work.”

Zico expressed his desire to give an album that reflects his thoughts the most as a gift, presenting his album to Billie Eilish. In return, Billie Eilish also presented her album, creating a heartwarming scene.

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