Will the Villain Strike Back in “Connection”?, Ji Sung, Jeon Mi Do Get Clues but End Up with Tears

In the latest episode of SBS’s drama “Connection,” aired on the 21st, viewers were left on the edge of their seats as Ji Sung rushed to an empty telephone booth after Jeon Mi Do received a shocking clue, culminating in an emotional outburst.

The 9th episode, written by Lee Hyun and directed by Kim Moon-kyo, maintained its top spot with a nationwide rating of 9.1% (8.9% in Seoul), peaking at 11.2%. This marks the drama’s fifth consecutive week as the most-watched weekend show, with a strong performance among viewers aged 20-49.

In this episode, Jang Jae-kyung (Ji Sung) intensified his pursuit of Jung Yoon-ho (Lee Kang Wook), suspecting his involvement in the Im Myung-guk case. However, tensions rose when Kang Si-jeong (Ryu Hye Rin) stirred trouble, prompting Jung Yoon-ho to flee, complicating the investigation.

Amidst the turmoil, Jang Jae-kyung and Oh Yoon-jin (Jeon Mi Do) delved deeper into the mysteries, uncovering connections that could unravel the entire case. The drama intensified with revelations about past ties and unexpected alliances, keeping viewers hooked.

The episode also highlighted the emotional complexities of the characters, including a poignant moment when Choi Ji-yeon (played by Choi Ji Yeon) revealed a deeply personal connection, leading to heartfelt reactions from the cast.

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