Super Junior’s Kyuhyun opens up about the slump he faced after a deadly car accident in 2007

Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun recently opened up about the terrifying car accident in 2007 that nearly took his life, saying, “I almost died.”

On June 21st, a video titled “Namuwiki Part 2 | ep.8” was uploaded to Kyuhyun‘s YouTube channel ‘KYUHYUN.’

In the video, Kyuhyun read through his profile on the information site ‘Namuwiki’ and checked the facts.

However, the most gripping part of the video was when he discussed the car accident that happened on April 2007 while he was returning to the dorm after a schedule.

Kyuhyun recounted, “I almost died. It’s not an exaggeration to gain sympathy; all my ribs were broken. I was in a coma for four days.”

He continued, “It’s amazing how my memory was gone, and when I woke up, I was in the hospital room. They told me three days had passed. The doctor said I was going to die. They tried to save me by puncturing my sides instead of my neck.”

In a 2012 appearance on MBC‘s ‘Radio Star,’ Siwon mentioned the severity of Kyuhyun‘s condition, saying, “He almost died.”

Despite the severity of his injuries, which typically require more than a year of rehabilitation, Kyuhyun resumed activities about half a year after the accident.

He revealed, “I wasn’t in a condition to do it, but I forced myself. I had joined late, and if I was absent until the second album, I felt like it wouldn’t be Super Junior.”

Kyuhyun‘s incredible recovery and dedication to his group demonstrate his unwavering commitment and strength, leaving fans deeply moved by his story.



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