Slimmed Down Bang Si Hyuk Captures “Unforgettable Moments” with Artists from PLAVE to SEVENTEEN

HYBE Chairman Bang Si Hyuk recently shared heartwarming photos with his artists, creating lasting memories.

On the 22nd, Bang Si Hyuk posted snapshots taken during the Weverse Con Festival, accompanied by the caption, “Unforgettable moments.”

In these photos, Bang Si Hyuk stood side by side with various artists, including the renowned singer and producer Park Jin Young, the idol group PLAVE, and talented artists from HYBE’s label Pledis Entertainment, such as SEVENTEEN, fromis_9, TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT), and BELIFT LAB’s ENHYPEN. His genuine affection for the artists was evident in every frame.

What caught fans’ attention was Bang Si Hyuk’s transformation. Having shed a significant amount of weight, he radiated confidence in his black attire and stylish horn-rimmed glasses.

The surprise appearance of Bang Si Hyuk during the ‘AliExpress 2024 Weverse Con Festival – Incheon’ (Weverse Con) on the 16th added to the excitement. He joined forces with his longtime “music partner” Park Jin Young on stage, performing a heartfelt rendition of Park Jin Young’s classic hit, “I Have a Woman.” The audience erupted in cheers as they witnessed this unexpected collaboration. Park Jin Young introduced Bang Si Hyuk, affectionately calling him “my beloved brother who created this guitar riff.” He added, “After 22 years, I am singing this song again with Si-hyuk’s guitar,” evoking nostalgia and warmth.

But the surprises didn’t end there. Bang Si Hyuk took to the keyboard, playing the iconic songs “Lie” and “One Candle” by god—tracks he and Park Jin Young had co-produced. ENHYPEN’s Jay and TXT’s Beomgyu joined in with their guitars, infusing the performance with even more energy.

The collaboration had been meticulously planned since Park Jin Young’s appearance as a tribute artist on tvN’s ‘You Quiz on the Block’ last October. Their harmonious performance, honed through extensive rehearsals, showcased their enduring musical bond spanning over two decades.

The Weverse Con has grown significantly, boasting a larger scale, diverse lineup, and global audience. This year, the number of performing artists increased from 20 to 24, representing K-pop, J-pop, and indie musicians. The comprehensive lineup featured nine HYBE Labels artists, along with 14 artists from the superfan platform Weverse. The inclusion of tribute artist Park Jin Young provided a panoramic view of the current state of popular music.

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