Red Velvet management is terrible, Seulgi shares Pre-Comeback Preparation “Only eat the same food for 5 days”

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi has given fans a glimpse into her intense pre-comeback routine.

On the 21st, Seulgi uploaded a video titled ‘Exercise.. Diet.. Management… and Red Velvet Comeback’ on her YouTube channel, Hi Seulgi.

In the video, Seulgi talked about preparing for Red Velvet‘s comeback. After a busy day of schedules and shoots, she discussed the challenges of staying disciplined with food. “There were a lot of delicious foods on set recently. It’s important to eat to keep up your energy, but I’m being cautious and trying to keep it simple,” she explained.

Opting for simplicity, Seulgi raided her fridge. She whipped up a dish of grilled tofu and enoki mushrooms seasoned to perfection, enjoying the straightforward flavors.

The video also showcased her rigorous workout regimen. Seulgi demonstrated intense exercises at the gym, focusing on strength training with kettlebells, squats, abdominal workouts, lunges, and more.

Opening up about her diet strategy, Seulgi revealed, “I ate the same food for 5 days as part of my management routine. I had poke for lunch and tuna with seaweed and rice for dinner, along with a side dish. Just sticking to this, I managed to lose 2kg,” surprising her audience with her dedication.

To maintain variety and ensure she gets all necessary nutrients, Seulgi carefully included different healthy meals like beef and vegetable stew and cabbage tuna rice bowls.

She expressed particular satisfaction with the cabbage tuna rice bowl, saying, “Eating like this makes me feel like I’m taking care of myself. Even with just one cabbage, I feel nourished.”

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