Park Bo Gum Surprised by Huge Price Gap, Returns Overpriced Fruits: “Price Difference was Massive”

Actor Park Bo Gum showcased his frugal side.

On the premiere episode of JTBC’s entertainment show ‘My name is Gabriel’ aired on June 21st, viewers got a glimpse into Park Bo Gum‘s daily life as a resident of Dublin, Ireland.

During the episode, Park Bo Gum went out in the morning and made a stop at a mart to buy some fruits.

He noticed that 4 oranges were priced at 4 euros, which he found quite similar to prices in Korea.

Despite this, he proceeded with the purchase, mentioning, “I heard fruits are cheap here,” but soon encountered an unexpected discovery.

On his way back home, Park Bo Gum stumbled upon a fruit market where he found 10 oranges priced at only 2 euros. Surprised by the drastic price difference, Park Bo Gum realized he had paid too much at the mart and sighed, commenting, “This is unbelievable.”

In a subsequent interview, Park Bo Gum reflected on the moment, saying, “The price gap was too extreme. Even though it wasn’t my money, the market prices seemed so reasonable to me.”

Determined to correct his mistake, Park Bo Gum promptly returned to the mart for a refund. He nervously approached the cashier, hoping they would understand despite his limited English skills.

Luckily, he successfully obtained a refund and happily returned to the fruit market to purchase a larger quantity of fruits.

He joyfully exclaimed, “It’s incredible. Getting a refund for those oranges today was like a miracle.”

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