Park Bo Gum Gets Emotional: “If I Hadn’t Become an Actor, I Would Have Lived Happily”, Here’s Why

Actor Park Bo Gum shared a heartfelt reflection on his life.

On the premiere episode of JTBC’s new variety show ‘My Name is Gabriel’ on the 21st, Park Bo Gum immersed himself in living someone else’s life for 72 hours.

During the show, Park Bo Gum revealed his initial hesitation about accepting the offer. He said, “At first, I hesitated when I received the offer. But then I thought it’s similar to acting. As an actor, I’ve already been living someone else’s life, and this time, it’s in a different country. Plus, senior Park Myung-soo was appearing,” explaining his decision to participate.

In a pre-interview, when asked about the life he would have lived if he hadn’t become Park Bo Gum, he became emotional, saying, “If I hadn’t lived my own life, I wouldn’t be an actor, but I believe I would have found happiness in those moments.”

Living as ‘Ruaídrí’ in Dublin, Ireland, Park Bo Gum started his day with avocado, banana, coffee or tea, and 20 almonds. Reflecting on his experience, he shared, “No one paid attention to me; everyone was busy with their own lives, which made me feel unexpectedly liberated.”

He added, “Even though it wasn’t a vacation, it felt like exploring a different life, so it was fascinating,” while Park Myung-soo jokingly interjected, “When are you going to start working?” Park Bo Gum replied, “I managed my time freely according to my to-do list.”

Taking on the role of director for the Irish choir ‘Ruaídrí’ and meeting its members, Park Bo Gum expressed his thoughts, “I had various concerns as the director of the large choir ‘Ramparts’, wondering if my silence and stillness might be burdensome. I resolved not to hesitate and to boldly step forward.”

Park Bo Gum concluded, “There’s always pressure to perform well,” and vowed, “Under Director Rúiri’s guidance, I’ll continue practicing and listening to the songs, striving not to let down Ruaídrí.”

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