Netizens Can’t Stop Laughing Over Zico Getting Nervous Standing Next to Tall H1-KEY Members on TV Show

Zico appeared a bit tense standing next to the tall members of Highteen.

On June 21st, H1-KEY appeared as guests on KBS 2TV’s ‘The Seasons – Zico’s Artist’.

During their performance of Block B’s ‘HER’, Seo Yi praised, “Our youngest member is a rapper, and I was surprised at how hard Zico senior was rapping.” Yell added, “He almost lost his rhythm. Until just before the rehearsal, he was out of breath.”

Zico empathized, saying, “When I perform on stage, I get really excited until the first verse starts. Then I have to take a deep breath.”

Curious about H1-KEY‘s height, Zico asked, “Does the group name H1-KEYmean you’re all really tall?” Yell replied, “Our heights range around 171 cm. I’m the tallest at about 174 cm.”

Zico asked, “Can I check for myself?” When H1-KEY stood up, they clarified, “Today, our shoes make us a bit shorter.” Nervously, Zico said to himself, “Okay, let’s stand up and see,” while H1-KEY cheered him on, saying, “Fighting, senior!”

Standing side by side with H1-KEY, Zico observed the audience’s reaction and remarked, “Do I look small? Wow, they’re really tall.”

When asked about the challenges of being a tall group, Leena responded, “When we get hair and makeup adjustments, we always do calf raises too.”

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