Four Male Actors Rush to Take Photos of “Lovely Runner” Kim Hye Yoon, Heo Hyung Kyu Jokes, “We Filled Byeon Woo Seok’s Spot”

Kim Hye Yoon recently shared some adorable moments from her reward vacation in Phuket, all thanks to the huge success of “Lovely Runner.”

On June 21st, she posted photos with the caption, “Photo by. Thanks to everyone who appears in the last frame.”

In the photos, Kim Hye Yoon is seen posing beautifully on a swing set on the beach. Her radiant charm was perfectly captured in these shots.

Interestingly, the photos also featured four male actors—Moon Si-on, Song Geon-hee, Yang Hyuk, and Heo Hyung Kyu—happily taking pictures of Kim Hye Yoon, which delighted fans.

Heo Hyung Kyu shared, “The four of us filled Woo-seok’s empty spot.” Byeon Woo Seok missed the vacation due to his Asia fan meeting tour. Song Geon Hee added with a smile, “Mission accomplished, Captain!”



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