EXO’s Suho: “I Want to Be an Actor Like an Onion”

Suho is proving to be as versatile as an onion with his varied roles in acting and singing. From playing a royal prince in ‘Missing Crown Prince‘ to showcasing his humor at solo concerts, Suho defies categorization.

In MBN’s weekend drama ‘Missing Crown Prince‘, Suho tackled his first historical role as Crown Prince Lee Geon.

Initially hesitant about historical dramas, Suho explained, “I wanted more experience, but this project caught my eye because of the director and writer’s pedigree. The script intrigued me, so I took on the challenge.”

Interestingly, fate seemed to intervene. Suho recalled, “I was growing my hair for a solo album when the offer came. It felt like destiny. I embraced it positively.”

Preparation for the role was intense. Suho immersed himself in the character, carrying scripts everywhere and recording himself rehearsing lines.

He said, “I couldn’t distinguish if I was acting as Lee Geon or just being myself, thanks to deep discussions with the director and writer.”

Drawing parallels between Lee Geon‘s leadership and his own role as EXO‘s leader, Suho shared, “Leading EXO for 12 years taught me responsibility. It helped me relate to Lee Geon‘s character.”

Suho‘s dedication paid off, earning praise for his emotional depth and regal presence. He reflected, “I’m satisfied with how I portrayed Lee Geon. Acting consumed my thoughts day and night, leaving no room for regrets.”

He particularly enjoyed injecting humor into his role, adding ad-libs like ‘Bori Bori Ssal’ to lighten the mood. Suho expressed, “I’m not a comedian, but I love adding fun elements.”

Looking ahead, Suho aims to continue challenging himself across different genres. He said, “I want to surprise audiences with new roles and show versatility like an onion, with no limits.”

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