BTS’s Jin Was Lee Jang Woo’s Junior in the Military, “Served Together as Drill Instructors in the Same Unit”

Lee Jang Woo and his military juniors’ trip down memory lane brought both laughter and emotion.

On the June 21st episode of MBC’s variety show ‘I Live Alone,’ actor Lee Jang Woo went on a nostalgic journey with his military juniors. The episode began with Lee Jang Woo, dressed in military attire, smiling as he set out to meet his former juniors from his army days.

Lee Jang Woo revealed that BTS‘s Jin was his junior in the military. Upon seeing Jin‘s discharge banner near the base, Lee Jang Woo mentioned that Jin had been discharged just a few hours before he arrived.

Jeon Hyun Moo commented, “Wasn’t RM the one who played the saxophone?” and when Kian84 asked, “So Jin was your junior?Lee Jang Woo confirmed, “Yes, he was.” He expressed his regret, saying, “There wasn’t anyone playing the saxophone or holding placards. It would have been nice to arrive earlier and meet Jin.”

Introducing his juniors, Lee Jang Woo said, “I served as a drill instructor in the military. The military is a very special place for me. I cherished my relationships with both my seniors and juniors. Today, we are taking a nostalgic trip near the base to relive those precious memories.”

Lee Jang Woo and his juniors visited a famous noodle restaurant in Yeoncheon, near the base. Lee Jang Woo reminisced, “I remember eating noodles here before enlisting. It was so good that I had two bowls.” When Kian84 asked, “Didn’t you think of your mom?” everyone burst into laughter.

Next, they visited a chicken restaurant where they finally got to taste the chicken they had only smelled but never eaten during their service. Lee Jang Woo remarked, “We are from the 5th Division Recruit Training Center, and it’s nostalgic to eat chicken here.” He chatted with the restaurant owner and enjoyed reminiscing while eating.

During their conversation, Lee Jang Woo warmly welcomed their former sergeant. He explained, “Our sergeant was like a mother to us. She treated me very well.” This highlighted the special bond he shared with her.

Lee Jang Woo also revisited the route they used to march during their military service. He explained, “This is the road we used to march on. Whenever we went on leave, we would dream of coming to this chicken place but never could. Finally, we’re here.” He and his juniors walked down the memory lane, recalling their experiences.

The journey concluded with a surprise birthday celebration for Lee Jang Woo, prepared by his juniors. Touched by the unexpected gesture, he expressed his gratitude, saying, “I don’t know what I would have done without you guys. Joining the military at 31 was tough, but you made it bearable.”

The episode delivered both laughter and touching moments through the day spent with Lee Jang Woo and his juniors, underscoring the enduring significance of military camaraderie.



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