“OST King” BTS V’s ‘Christmas Tree’ Hits 400 Million Streams on Spotify

BTS‘s V is shining bright again with his hit ‘Christmas Tree’ surpassing 400 million streams on Spotify. As of June 18, ‘Christmas Tree’ reached this milestone, making it the most-streamed K-OST on the platform.

Following closely behind ‘Christmas Tree’ is V’s other self-composed song, ‘Sweet Night,’ which also boasts high stream numbers.

V is truly dominating the OST scene, holding the top two spots for the most-streamed K-OSTs on Spotify.

Released on December 24, 2021, ‘Christmas Tree’ is the soundtrack for the drama ‘Our Beloved Summer.’ V‘s emotional vocals add a special touch to the drama, enhancing its depth and feeling.

Remarkably, ‘Christmas Tree’ is the first K-OST to make it onto the Billboard Hot 100, achieving this without a physical album even during a season dominated by classic Christmas songs.

When it was released, ‘Christmas Tree’ became the first Korean solo song to top the Billboard U.S. Digital Song Sales chart. It also made history by being the first Korean song to lead the Billboard Holiday Digital Song Sales chart and debuted at number 55 on the Holiday Hot 100 chart.

Elite Daily, an American publication, named ‘Christmas Tree’ as one of 24 new Christmas classics released after the 2000s. Additionally, British media outlet Edinburgh Live ranked ‘Christmas Tree’ first on its ‘Most Popular Christmas Songs on Spotify’ list, surpassing Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You.’

V‘s work on OSTs has significantly boosted the global popularity of dramas. The success of ‘Christmas Tree’ has renewed interest in ‘Our Beloved Summer,’ pushing it to ninth place worldwide on Netflix. This shows the powerful synergy between K-pop and K-dramas.

Japanese media have also highlighted how V‘s OST for ‘Itaewon Class’ helped the drama gain worldwide fame, contributing to its Japanese remake’s success and attracting K-pop fans globally.



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