TWICE’s Nayeon Open to Appearing on ‘Transfer Love’: “It Would Feel Good”

On June 19th, TWICE‘s Nayeon appeared on the YouTube channel ‘KODE 코드’ in a video titled Nayeon‘s Mirror Match! Did I Meet My Doppelganger Nayeon?ㅣTWICE Nayeon & Lee Nayeon.”

In the video, Nayeon and announcer Lee Nayeon, a participant from Tving’s ‘Transfer Love 2,’ engaged in a playful exchange using nicknames like ‘Pyri’ and ‘Squirtle,’ maintaining an entertaining chemistry throughout.

During their chat, Nayeon revealed her MBTI type, saying, “I’m probably still ISTP. Don’t you dislike ISTPs? People tend to dislike ISTPs as a stereotype.” Lee Nayeon responded positively, stating, “I really like ISTPs. They’re refreshing. I tend to like the way ISTPs speak.”

Expressing her gratitude for the compliment, Nayeon responded warmly, “I’m so touched,” while Lee Nayeon disclosed, “I’m an ESFP but I’m half ISTP.” Nayeon playfully commented, “I like ‘E.’ It seems bright.”

Later in the conversation, the topic shifted to dating programs. When asked which dating show she would like to appear on, Nayeon shared, “‘Solo Hell’ seems fun too, but I’m not qualified yet. I think I need to exercise a bit more.”

Lee Nayeon then teased, “Do you enjoy watching dating programs?” Nayeon admitted, “I do. My favorite dating program is ‘Transfer Love.’ I enjoyed it the most.”

Curious about her willingness to participate, Lee Nayeon asked, “Would it be okay for you to appear on ‘Transfer Love’? What if your ex-boyfriend contacts you to participate?” Nayeon responded with a smile, “I think I’d feel good. Was I the most beautiful?”

Meanwhile, TWICE‘s Nayeon recently made headlines with her solo album ‘NA,’ released on June 14th.



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