TWICE’s Nayeon, “I’m jealous of people with many friends, I want to be more outgoing”

TWICE‘s Nayeon opened up about wanting to make more friends.

On June 20th, a YouTube video titled “Irreplaceable Summer Queen Ending Fairy Nayeon, the Baby Bunny with a Fruity Smile” was released.

In the video, Nayeon talked about her personality, saying, “I’m really funny. I’m the kind of person who has fun with close friends.”

Jo Hyun Ah then asked about Nayeon‘s MBTI, saying, “I have a lot of ISTP friends around me. Suzy is also an ISTP… It’s a really unique personality,” showing her amazement.

She added, “It’s really comfortable being friends with them,” and “They are very cautious and always good at sensing danger.”

Nayeon honestly confessed, “Maybe it’s because of that, but I don’t have many friends,” and “I’m jealous of people with many friends.”

Jo Hyun Ah humorously responded, “If you have many friends, you have to attend too many weddings,” causing laughter.

Nayeon shared, “I’ve imagined living such a life,” and “I want to be an extrovert.” She continued, “On days off, I want to eat out. I can eat alone, but I wanted to have a big feast,” and recalled her lonely experience, saying, “While waiting for my friends’ calls and sitting for hours as the night passed, I thought, ‘I need more friends.'”



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