TRENDZ Achieves Career Milestone with ‘DREAMLIKE’ Album Sales Surpassing 80,000 Copies Worldwide

Rising stars TRENDZ are reaching new heights in their career with a remarkable achievement.

According to Hanteo Chart, the leading domestic album sales aggregator, TRENDZ‘s latest single album ‘DREAMLIKE’ sold over 66,000 copies in its debut week. This marks a significant milestone for the group, surpassing their previous records set by their debut album and last year’s ‘STILL ON MY WAY’.

Notably, TRENDZ isn’t just making waves in South Korea but is also garnering attention worldwide. The album has received substantial orders from overseas, including countries like the USA, France, and Indonesia, pushing total sales to over 80,000 copies.

This global demand underscores TRENDZ‘s rising popularity on the international stage.

Comparing their latest success to previous releases, TRENDZ swiftly claimed the top spot on Hanteo Chart’s daily physical album chart upon their comeback.

They also secured a commendable 2nd place on the weekly chart, highlighting their strong presence in the music industry.

Their title track ‘GLOW’ is resonating with fans globally, showcasing TRENDZ‘s prowess on stage and in music production.

Looking ahead, TRENDZ is set to grace major music shows this week, where they will captivate audiences with electrifying performances of ‘GLOW’.



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