“The Midnight Romance in Hagwon” And Its Stars Sweep Most Buzzworthy Drama And Actor Rankings

tvN’s ‘The Midnight Romance in Hagwon‘ continues to captivate viewers with the evolving love between Jung Ryeo Won and Wi Ha Joon amidst their challenges.

In the weekend drama ‘The Midnight Romance in Hagwon,‘ directed by Ahn Pan-seok and written by Park Kyung-hwa, produced by Studio Dragon and JS Pictures, viewers are drawn to the heartfelt relationship between Seo Hye-jin (played by Jung Ryeo Won) and Lee Joon-ho (played by Wi Ha Joon).

The couple’s journey, filled with empathy and understanding, has struck a chord with audiences.

Jung Ryeo Won and Wi Ha Joon have received enthusiastic responses for their portrayal of mature relationships.

According to Good Data Corporation’s FUNdex, the drama ranked 2nd in the hot topic rankings for TV-OTT in the 2nd week of June. Jung Ryeo Won maintained the top spot in cast popularity for two consecutive weeks, with Wi Ha Joon closely following in 2nd place, underscoring their popularity.

Recently unveiled winter beach trip photos and behind-the-scenes cuts of Seo Hye-jin and Lee Joon-ho have further heightened anticipation among fans.

The couple’s journey together has been marked by moments of deep emotional resonance, including Seo Hye-jin’s realization of her influence on others and her personal struggles with career expectations. Their serene smiles against the backdrop of a tranquil beach continue to provide heartwarming healing moments for viewers.

As their love story unfolds, Seo Hye-jin and Lee Joon-ho navigate challenges and conflicts while deepening their bond.

Their relationship, built on mutual support and growth, resonates with viewers as they face new obstacles together.

The Midnight Romance in Hagwon‘ Episode 13 is scheduled to air on the 22nd at 9:20 PM KST.



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