Sunmi Returns to YouTube with ‘Miyane Cam’ After 4 Years, Sharing Career and Daily Life

Singer Sunmi is bringing back her self-produced content ‘Miyane Cam’ after a 4-year hiatus.

On the 19th, Sunmi revealed the poster for ‘Miyane Cam’, announcing its comeback. According to the poster, the first video will premiere on June 21st at 7 PM on her official YouTube channel.

‘Miyane Cam’ was well-loved by fans for its behind-the-scenes look into Sunmi‘s life and activities. Now returning due to popular demand, the content promises to showcase even more sincere and diverse aspects of Sunmi, covering her career, daily life, and travels.

Her agency, Abyss Company, commented, “We decided to bring back ‘Miyane Cam’ as a thank-you to the fans who have been waiting. We’ve prepared higher-quality videos with exciting content, so please stay tuned.”

Sunmi recently made a comeback on the 13th with her digital single ‘Balloon in Love’ after an 8-month hiatus.

She continues to charm with her unique perspective, clever ideas, and delightful summer vibes, actively engaging in promotions.

‘Miyane Cam’ episodes will be released every Friday on Sunmi’s official YouTube channel.

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