NewJeans Heads to Japan for Debut, Hyein Returns Strong

The group NewJeans is gearing up for their debut in Japan.

Early on the morning of the 20th, NewJeans departed for Japan from Gimpo International Airport. The members of NewJeans drew attention in their stylish school-themed outfits.

Notably, member Hyein, who had been on hiatus since April due to a minor foot injury, also joined them, showcasing the charm of the five-member group.

All members greeted the press with bright smiles as they embarked on their journey to Japan. NewJeans is set to release their debut Japanese single album ‘Supernatural’ on the 21st at 1 PM. The album features four tracks, including the title track ‘Supernatural,’ ‘Light Now,’ and instrumental versions of each song.

Regarding ‘Supernatural,’ a NewJeans Swing-style song, anticipation is further heightened with pop star Pharrell Williams credited.

Alongside their Japanese debut, NewJeans will hold a fan meeting at Tokyo Dome. This highly anticipated event will span over two days on the 26th and 27th, with all tickets already sold out. Additionally, NewJeans plans to expand their presence in Japan through appearances on major local music broadcast programs.

NewJeans has proven their global appeal through successful collaborations with renowned brands such as Apple, Coca-Cola, and Powerpuff Girls.



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