NCT WISH Radiates Kitschy and Lovely Charm in ‘Songbird’ MV Teaser Image

NCT WISH has unveiled their unique charm!

On midnight of the 20th, NCT WISH‘s official social media shared a teaser image for their upcoming song ‘Songbird’.

The image shows the members dressed in school uniforms, emitting a fresh and kitschy vibe that perfectly captures their “refreshing visuals”.

Aligned with the concept of ‘Songbird’, NCT WISH appears as wish couriers in the teaser, radiating their trademark lovable and positive energy, heightening excitement for the full music video.

‘Songbird’ is a pop dance track featuring an addictive guitar riff. Its lyrics draw inspiration from a lucky bird, delivering a message of hope and unity to achieve miracles, reflecting NCT WISH‘s unique identity.

NCT WISH‘s single ‘Songbird’ will be available on various music platforms starting 6 PM on July 1st. The release includes two tracks: the title song ‘Songbird’ and the B-side ‘Tears Are Falling’.

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