Nayeon Reveals: “TWICE is a group with no villains, the reason for our 9-year longevity”

Nayeon from TWICE opened up about the group’s strong bond and their journey together for over nine years.

On the 20th, a video titled “Juicy Baby Bunny, Irreplaceable Summer Queen, Ending Fairy Nayeonwas uploaded to Cho Hyun-ah’s Thursday Night channel, where Nayeon shared some insights into her life and TWICE‘s dynamics.

When asked about her MBTI, Nayeon revealed, “I’m ISTP.” She added, “I don’t like going out. As a result, no one asks me to. I’ve never heard anyone say, ‘Nayeon, let’s go out.’”

She continued, “I don’t like being tired. Even when I go out to eat, I always want to go home. My friends often ask, ‘Why do you keep looking out the window? Do you want to go home?’ I don’t have many friends, but the ones I do have are all good drinkers. But they don’t drink with me because they say I’m not fun.”

Nayeon also joked, “I’m the funniest person in the team. When I’m with close friends, I’m really funny.”

Cho Hyun-ah chimed in, “I have many ISTP friends. Suzy is also an ISTP and has a really unique personality. She’s easygoing and very cautious, always sensing danger. It’s a good trait for a celebrity,” she laughed.

Nayeon, identifying strongly with the T (Thinking) aspect, was asked if she had ever laughed while someone next to her was crying.

She admitted, “Yes, I have. I thought I was a bad person because of that. Not in very serious situations, but when someone cries out of being moved, it’s especially cute. So during fan meetings, when the members cry out of emotion, I laugh. If you look at the captures, it looks so bad.”

She explained, “Even in emotional moments, I do tear up, but if someone next to me is crying, I hold back my tears and laugh. I don’t like the cheesiness.”

Nayeon recently released her solo album ‘NA’. She shared, “All the members came and cried. They cried watching me practice and on the music video set. I think it was because they felt proud of me.”

In 2022, she was the first TWICE member to release a solo album, ‘POP!’. She confessed, “When my solo album first came out, I was worried it might affect TWICE’s name, so it was a bit burdensome. So, I controlled my mindset by thinking that my main job is TWICE, and solo activities are secondary. That made it a bit easier.”

When asked, “Is TWICE known for getting along well because there are no villains in the group?” she replied, “I think so. We really communicate a lot among the members. We even did today,” showing off their special bond.

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